Our breeding center’s story began in 1998, when we decided to obtain our fkirst Rottweiler female puppy Maina. Soon after that, we bought another female and a male. Thus, our breeding practice was launched.

Over the years, a few generations of winners have grown up, thanks to our efforts. We are really proud of them.

Every year, more than 30 puppies find their new homes. Each dog has special documents for admission in breeding and duly registered diplomas. Currently, we have 11 Rottweilers as permanent residents in our breeding center.

The specifics of the breed doesn’t allow us to relax. We try to teach our animals good manners from their childhood, and we advise all the masters to spend enough time for continuing the training course. If you do not spare efforts, your puppy will become your true security and faithful friend.

The Rottweiler is famous not only for its fighting abilities, but also for extraordinary intellect and devotion to its master. This dog would never leave his owner in danger, even for the sake of easy prey.

Despite difficult character, these dogs love children and get along quite well with them. The Rottweiler can also be a reliable protector of your baby.

The dog can’t stand hot weather. Surprisingly, it never gets cold in winter, though it has short hair. So, it is safe to let it live outdoors.

Special aspects of care

These dogs don’t require special care, because they are smoothed-haired and almost never molt. But you should comb your pet out using a brush, if you want to avoid extra cleaning of your carpets. Allow the brushing process at least twice a month or oftener, and your dog’s hair will be smooth, soft and shining.

It is worth mentioning that combing out functions as massage, which helps to hold muscles in tone.

Proper nutrition is of paramount importance.

Your puppy will never be strong and active, if it eats too much greasy food. The diet of Rottweilers should be based on special well-balanced food full of proteins and carbohydrates. If you choose natural food, beef tenderloin will suit your dog most of all.

The Rottweiler is famous for its love of eating and it would never miss a chance to filch a tidbit. Be prepared to know that a Rottweiler needs a lot of food, but it is reasonable to feed it not more than 3 times a day. And keep the portions small! Water in a bowl should be always fresh, even if your dog is not thirsty at the moment.